The OpenSESMO Project: Making Non-Traditional Library Collections Discoverable in Search Engines with Social Media Metadata and Linked Data (DLF Forum, 2016).

Open SESMO (Search Engine & Social Media Optimization): Innovations in Surfacing Paid Content to Today’s Learners (CNI Spring 2016)

Relatively Speaking: Fostering Productive Library-Vendor Relations (ER&L 2016)

Putting Your Mouth Where Your Money Is: Talking About Digital Library Budgeting (DLF Forum 2015)

Un-marketing E-resources: Moving from Hard-Selling to Relationship-Building (ER&L 2015)

Accessibility in eResources Acquisitions (ER&L 2015)

Share and Share Alike: Applying Social Media Optimization (SMO) to Enhance Web Content and Connect with Users (LITA Forum 2014)

Building Library Community through Social Media (ACRL/Choice Webinar 2014)

Transforming Community with a Strategic Social Media Program (CNI Spring 2014)

Online Community Building in an Academic Context: A University Library Case Study (Social Media and Society 2013)

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